Little Mercy

Now the candle’s in the window and it’s open
We watch the flames duke it out
With every gust and we’re hoping
No, it must just burn
To the bottom of the wick
It’s the bottom of the 5th and that shit is still burning


The flame is hope.


Pistols at Dawn

“I never thought we could be pistols at dawn,” Seinabo Sey sings defiantly in what can be best described as a betrayal ballad and an imperial declaration. Sey’s voice is unearthly but also full of dirt. She swaggers through the song, taunting, “Is that you reaching or you wanting to run? Stand down or show down baby let’s get this done.”


Doses, Dust and Mimosas

This week’s Music Monday brought to you by Spotify’s Discover Weekly. The new feature is essentially a 2-hour mixtape based on what you listen to and what else others who listen to the same artists listen to. It’s supposed to be the ultimate “oh, hey, you like that… how about this?!”

My music tastes vary and oscillate–sometimes wildly. I’ve been on an alt rock & rap kick lately and it seems Spotify was listening.

Last week this was my favorite discovery:

Dust – EPISODE (feat. Mree & Topaz Jones)

We want a little dust sprinkled in the cup. We wanna lose control, but not too much. We want to be nowhere, nowhere at all. We don’t want to take more than we see. I don’t know nothing, nothing at all.

And this week a favorite resurfaced:

Doses and Mimosas – Cherub

The first time I heard this song I thought the chorus was saying “dosas and mimosas.” I thought it was an odd combo but was definitely willing to try a south Indian crepes, mimosas and champagne–hold the cocaine, please.

We’ll see how the Discover Weekly evolves as I migrate through my interests but so far so good.