About Me

1_IMG_9255My name is Katie Putz. I am the special projects editor at The Diplomatmaking The Magazine happen as well as writing for the site.

I studied history, with a focus on US diplomatic and conflict history, at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and international security at the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy & International Commerce. I largely focus on Central Asia and Afghanistan, but also on US foreign policy and  international security.

MWG LOGOI’m a member of the Military Writers Guild, a group committed to the development of the profession of arms through the exchange of ideas in the written medium.

The only thing I ever wanted to do was write. And beyond news and current events, I write about what happens on my bus rides. I travel, see interesting things, and have random thoughts.

The bottom line is I like to tell stories.

  • I tweet @LadyPutz (Mostly FP/NatSec, lots of Asia, Central Asia & Afghanistan, also bad jokes, music, culture stuff.)
  • My photography can be found on Flickr and Instagram.
  • My resume lives over on Linkedin and a visual version is here.
  • About.me


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog belong to me and should never be taken to represent any of my  former, current, or future employers. I am an individual who has chosen to share my stories with the Internet, and perhaps a few people. I am human and thus prone to making mistakes, changing my mind, learning, growing, and having fun on occasion. 


Contact me here.


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