How Much Central Asia Can I Pack Into One Blogpost?

Most of July, it would seem.

Contrary to my best intentions, I got off to a bad start in July with regard to updating this with my weekly “Hey! Look what I wrote” post. I have a good excuse, check out the picture on the top (I’m the blue helmet to left of the box–grinning like a crazy person). Rafting in Tennessee on the 4th of July and associated travel started a wave of weekends on which I didn’t have the time or energy to type this up.

So here it is, please click on (and read!) what sounds interesting. Check out the ones in bold–I think they’re the most important. Also read the shark story, because why not?

July Week 1

July Week 2

July Week 3

July Week 4 aka Magazine Week aka Hell Week. The week before publication I get a deluge of articles in that need to be edited and passed on their merry way to Tokyo in good time. Meanwhile, I need to keep up coverage of Central Asia.

Should be back up to speed next week. Issue 9 of the Magazine will go live the end of the week and I’ll be working on settling the lineup for Issue 10. TEN!

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