A Kyrgyz Court Kerfuffle and Other News

Another busy week (aren’t they all?) Magazine #8 should be out Monday!

In Tajikistan the deal that ended the civil war is seemingly unraveling. The country commemorated the 18 year old peace deal yesterday. If the politics is tenuous in Tajikistan, so are the finances. But this week the World Bank approved an additional $12 million to support temporary employment.

Kyrgyzstan’s ‘anti-gay propaganda’ bill moved forward a step this week, passing a second parliamentary reading 90-2. Meanwhile, there’s an ongoing kerfuffle in the country’s Supreme Court Constitutional Chamber.

In the UK, a whistleblower says the Kazakh government bribed a subsidiary of the UK’s largest catering corporations and the company fired him for reporting it.

Pakistan suffered a devastating heat wave early this week–the death toll is now above 1000 in Sindh–when I wrote about it Tuesday it was just over 600. Power and water shortages are largely to blame and most of the head have been elderly and/or poor.

Regionally, the news about democracy isn’t good, according to a Freedom House report. With the exception of Kyrgyzstan, the whole region is made up of “consolidated authoritarian regimes.”

A report from the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) this week took a comparative approach to examining the pull of ISIS to Central Asians and the interest of ISIS in the region. TLDR: Central Asia just isn’t that into ISIS, and vice versa.

And then I have a few additional recommendations, must-reads elsewhere, on Central Asia: waiting for Godot in Turkmenistan and a train journey from Bishkek to Moscow.

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