Satellite Flight

Much like an author who takes a detour into a novella to fill the space between big novels, Kid Cudi released Indicud (2013) and Satellite Flight (2014) to bridge the gap between Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (2010) and Man on the Moon III (expected in 2015).

What I like about this EP is the sense of journey. It’s been criticized as being too much of a bridge–existing between two things and standing on nothing–but I don’t mind that the album is adrift. It is perfect to chill (or write, if you’re me) to. It’s heavily instrumental–Kid Cudi gets his rhymes in, but the album rests on subtle beats and themes that give the feeling of space flight, that ethereal

Listen to all 42 minutes of Satellite Flight in one sitting if you can.

If you can’t do the whole thing at once, listen to Satellite Flight, Balmain Jeans, Troubled Boy, and if you’re trying to envision a space journey the instrumental Return of the Moon Man (Original Score).

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