Water, Water…. Nope Not Everywhere.

Another busy week, Magazine Issue 8 is in the works with some truly spectacular pieces.

Tajikistan prompted a number of stories. Early in the week Qatar secured the release of four Tajik border guards who had been held by the Taliban for six months (they’d crossed the border for firewood). At the end of the week the Tajik OMON commander who defected to ISIS appeared in a second video. Keen to crack down on corruption, as long as it isn’t nepotism, Tajikistan’s anti-corruption agency arrested a presidential adviser. You’ll never believe what 28 year old heads the anti-corruption agency.

In Kyrgyzstan, a government official made the claim that most of the Kyrgyz citizens who have joined ISIS are of the Uzbek minority. The timing is bad–five years ago a few hundred Kyrgyz Uzbeks died in riots in the country’s south.

And then some pan-regional issues: water scarcity (and the region’s astounding inability to work together on it) and aging (Central Asia is going to get older, but isn’t getting any older).

Also write a piece on Afghanistan this week–summarizing a great report that the AAN published on the failure of British double government in Afghanistan during and after the First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-1842). I’m not a fan of arbitrary historical analogies, but I am a fan of looking at the past for lessons–it’s the historian in me.




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