The Old Eastern Bloc: Mecca for Men?

Matthew Kupfer, in an article for (excerpted on where I came across it) comments on the relationship between the misogynistic “manosphere,” Eastern Europe, and Vladimir Putin.

This is nothing new. The old Eastern Bloc has long been regarded as a mecca for lonely and horny men of all ages. Popular perceptions of the region are saturated with images of so-called mail order brides, leggy blondes in high heels, and stodgy American losers drooling after them. But while the average American “marriage agency” client may fantasize about rescuing his dream woman from gray, post-Soviet industrial poverty, the manosphere has a different view: it is Eastern Europe that can save America.

The logic is simple. The manosphere posits that, as America falls under the oppressive yoke of feminism, the post-communist East provides an alternative example: conservative values, traditional gender roles, and strong, masculine leadership as embodied by Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Kupfer delves deep into the manosphere, chasing the rabbit down into Reddit. The pieces he assembles reveal an interesting picture in which the American Cold War victory was just a red herring, so-called cultural Marxism is alive and well masquerading as feminists pushing an agenda that fundamentally undermines the foundation of American society. In fact, this was the KGB’s plan all along.

Vladimir Putin is the epitome of a strong leader because he is “a firm leader that is admired by the community for his bold actions and masculine manner,” says Roosh V, founding blogger of Return of Kings (RoK), “a blog for heterosexual, masculine men. It’s meant for a small but vocal collection of men in America today who believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine…Women and homosexuals are discouraged from commenting here.” (From the website About page, I don’t recommend you visit yourself).

Please do read all of Kupfer’s article, but here’s the TL:DR:

Thus, at its core, the manosphere is an elegiac movement, lamenting a world that no longer exists in America.

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