The Diplomat: Toward an Incomplete Union

The Eurasian Economic Union is about to be formed. But will it be significant?

October was a big month for the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). The parliaments of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan ratified the union’s founding treaty and their leaders also signed an agreement on Armenia’s accession after months of negotiations. Armenia plans to ratify the treaty in time for the union’s January 1, 2015 birthdate.

Three years ago, in October 2011, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested “creating a powerful supranational union capable of becoming a pole in the modern world serving as an efficient bridge between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.” A few months from debut and it is unclear whether either of these goals can realized by the creation of the EEU.

Read the rest in The Diplomat’s just-launched digital magazine (available for download on Apple, Android & Amazon devices!)

Special Note: Since mid-September I have been working to develop this magazine. It puts the special in my project. I am immensely proud and amazed by the hard work a small number of people put in to creating such a slick product. We’ll be releasing new issues monthly. The first issue is free (thanks to delays in the Apple approval process it is a little stale in places – like my piece) but future issues will be fresh, hot off the digital press, and filled with insights into all of Asia – from Tehran to Taipei, Manila to Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo and always a layover in Pyongyang.

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